[Watch] Family of Slain Border Agent Vega Fears U.S. Will Deport Murderers To Safety in Mexico


Natalie Vega, sister-in-law of slain Border Patrol Agent Javier Vega Jr, speaks with Neil Cavuto on behalf of their whole family and expresses their serious concerns.

She says they are fearful that the illegal aliens who are being held for his murder will once again be deported back to Mexico as a means of allowing them to escape justice for their criminal murderous acts. She feels there is a strong likelihood that if they are returned to Mexico they will be released, not only escaping punishment for killing Mr. Vega, but also free to commit similar acts again.

Former Democrat Pollster Pat Cadell describes a change in the overall poll responses, particularly in a recent Reuters poll, which reflects that 70% of Americans support America-first policies regarding immigration, no amnesty, secure borders and a return to the rule of law. He says this is an issue which is starting to resonate and is a huge negative for the open borders Democrats.

Hopefully, the socialist Democrats have overplayed their hand and the American people have awaken to the abuse of power that is taking place.

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