[Watch] Expert Says You’d Have To Be “A Dumb ISIS Terrorist” Not to Exploit Southern Border


Texas Governor Rick Perry believes it is very likely that ISIS has already made use of the open southern border to gain entry into the United States. His latest reaffirmation of that belief came last Thursday in comments made before a group at the Heritage Foundation. He is not alone in that opinion.

Frank Wuco, a retired naval officer and security specialist describes a trip he made to McAllen, TX, three years ago. At that time the Border Patrol expressed to him that their greatest concern was the presence of and potential penetration of OTM, other than Mexicans, across our border. They specifically were troubled by Islamic militants.

Our reduced levels of security, resulting from DHS policies, restrictive rules of engagement, increased levels of illegal aliens at the border, diversion of agents to non-enforcement activities, and low morale all contribute to a greater vulnerability than existed at that time. Terrorist groups have also experienced a resurgence in their numbers and ranks since that time, with ISIS being of particular concern of late.

Wuco describes the McAllen border crossing as a sieve and says that “if ISIS is as forward thinking and as well-trained and prepared as they seem to be, it would be a big assumption that they wouldn’t be using our southern border and blending in with all of the folks from Mexico and Central America who are coming across.”

He says that the passport problem, of ISIS fighters being U.S. and European passport holders is very troubling. He adds that it might be difficult for White House or Pentagon spokespersons to answer questions of this nature as they could be potentially very embarrassing to them, but he thinks you’d have to be “sort of a dumb ISIS terrorist not to exploit the southern border when it’s so available to you as a point of entry.”

Wuco closes saying, “The ISIS terrorists and al-Qaeda before them have long had plans to use our southern border as a point of exploitation, and they’ve been present in Mexico and Latin America for a number of years.

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