[Watch] Even Pope Francis More Hawkish on ISIS Than Obama, Issues Strong Statement


Greg Palkot reports that there the job on Mt. Sinjar is not yet complete, with roughly 2,000 Yazidis still up there and a total refugee population in northern Iraq estimated to be 1.5 million. They also address the larger, underlying issue of the struggle of Iraqis and Kurds against the ISIS terrorists.

Palkot recalls a conversation he had with a military leader within the Kurdish Peshmerga forces who said they can supply the boots on the ground, all they need from America is the weapons and ammo to do the job.

Martha McCallum speaks with Francis Campbell, the former British ambassador to the Vatican who reveals a significant reversal of the traditional anti-war stance of the Catholic leadership.

Pope Francis has gone on the record in support of military action and united action through the UN to rid Iraq and the world of the ISIS scourge. Air strikes are supported by the Vatican as well as a Chapter 7 operation through the UN, which Campbell describes as peace-enforcement, rather than the more familiar peace-keeping.

Campbell expressed some amazement that the situation has been allowed to continue unchecked by the U.S. for as long as it has. He also noted that the message from Pope Francis included an outreach to moderate Muslims around the world to take a stance in opposition to the barbarism that is being conducted in the name of their religion.

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