[Watch] Eric Holder Describes Foreign “Homegrown” Terrorists Threat


As we watch our immigration protections being totally decimated by the regime for which he works, Eric Holder seems to be trying to do his part to blur the distinctions between what is a home-grown American and what is a foreigner.

In this interview from Sunday, Holder describes the Boston Marathon bombers as an example of homegrown terrorism which we can learn from. He says it keeps him up at night.

He might want to spend some of those waking hours reading. He could have learned that the Boston bombers were not born in America and were in fact imported to the country from terrorist-friendly regions of Russia.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was born in Kyrgyzstan. Tamerlan Tsarnaev was born in the southern Russian republic of Kalmykia and was a Russian citizen. The Tsarnaev family left Kyrgyzstan for Dagestan (in Russia) in 2001.

Those same immigration policies which the Obama regime is currently working so hard to destroy could have saved us from these foreigners. These were not homegrown Americans, but Holder will use that terminology to paint Americans as the threat.

He must have his reasons.

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