[Watch] EPA’s Evil Garden Gnome Admits She’s Waging a War On Coal


Liberal Obamabot and super-donor Bill Maher is interviewing the administrator of the De-Energization of America project, EPA Chief Gina McCarthy.

Maher asks about the previous week’s announcement of the “Clean Power Program,” which he notes as some people having labeled a “war on coal.” Maher says, “I hope it is a war on coal. Is It?

McCarthy responds, saying, “Actually, EPA is all about fighting against pollution and fighting for public health, That’s exactly what this is. Exactly”

The libs in the audience went wild with applause. We’ll see how enthusiastic they are when it costs them three times as much to heat their homes and they have to do without air conditioning in the summer.

Of course, Co2 doesn’t negatively impact anybody’s health and it isn’t pollution, but liberals are incapable of digesting facts. Just give them the expensive and rationed energy they crave and they’ll be happy in the knowledge that their shared sacrifice is helping to facilitate the Obama and Maher lifestyles.

No matter the price, the rich will still be able to afford to leave the bathroom light on at night.

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