(WATCH) Eggnog Gone Bad!


If you want to talk about office party gone bad, then talk to Ryan Roche. As he was about to leave his office party the other night, his fellow partiers talked him into entering an eggnog chugging contest. There was a steakhouse gift card at stake, so how could he say no? All Roche had to do was chug a quart eggnog in less than 22 seconds. Well, not only did he beat 22 seconds, but he shaved a good 10 seconds off the record and did it in 12.

Obviously, that takes a lot out of a person and Roche was having a hard time catching his breath afterwards but he figured he’d be ok after a bit. He was very wrong about that. A few hours later he was feeling worse than ever and ended up in the ER.

Roche had aspirated some of the eggnog and was dry-drowning. The eggnog had caused a serious infection in his lungs and he had to spend 24 hours in the ICU. After plenty of antibiotics, he was released in good condition.

Roche had this to say, “It was rough. Eggnog: It’s not for the lungs.”

So, the next time you are challenged to a chugging contest, think about whether it is really worth a stay in the ICU or not.