[Watch] Dr. Ben Carson Sounds Enlightened, Jesse Jackson Sounds Like Jesse Jackson


Dr. Ben Carson and Jesse Jackson square off on Fox News Sunday over the elevated racial tensions Jackson helped to fuel and attempted to capitalize off of in Ferguson.

The difference between the two men is stark. While Dr. Carson articulate and reasonable, with his points easy to understand, Jackson jumps from one historic racial flashpoint to another, mumbling his way along as if he is still chewing on the remnants of this morning’s Egg-McMuffin.

Chris Wallace starts off the discussion by airing comments made by Jackson in which he labeled the shooting of Michael Brown a “State Execution.” Wallace asks him “How can you say that when you really have no idea what happened in that shooting?”

Jackson responds saying, “What I do know is he was shot, shot unarmed, and he was shot six times and it’s a pattern.” He then goes down a short list from Trayvon Martin all the way back to Rodney King of what must have been other “State Executions” although Rodney King survived his to live for another 21 years afterwards.

Jackson’s whining about all of the supposed disadvantages of being born black in America are countered by Carson’s crediting his mother for having him read books of the lives of successful people. He says that the person with the most control over what happens to an individual is that individual himself. That runs counter to the theology of victimhood that Jackson preaches, and to the exploitation that has become synonymous with the names Sharpton and Jackson.

Jackson was fortunate to have been born black in the time in which he was and to have been blessed with a lack of character and the gift of shameless manipulation. If he were a white man, nobody would listen to his drivel. He’d be out working for a living instead of just stirring things up and cashing the checks.

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