[Watch] Dr Ben Carson Calls Out Ambulance Chaser Al Sharpton’s Involvement With Ferguson


The PO Box Preacher, Al Sharpton, has made some last minute changes to a scheduled self-promotion event in New York City. It was originally planned to be a protest against a choke hold death at the hands of local police, but the opportunity to extend the coattails of Missouri thug Michael Brown to New York proved irresistible. To keep the zombies stirred up and focused, Sharpton has dragged out the familiar “no justice no peace” mantra.

Stuart Varney starts off the interview by asking Dr. Carson specifically about that.

Dr. Carson begins by saying, “Well first of all, it hasn’t been determined that there is no justice yet. We have to let the system work.” He adds, “Secondly, all these people coming in from the outside gives credence to the agitators, to the people who are rioting. Not to the lawful peace-abiding citizens who are engaged in lawful protesting.”

He continues, “And the media is just creating a circus.” He says, “I think the media would do well to get together and say why don’t just three of us cover for this hour, three of us cover for this hour, not make it into a media circus which only attracts more attention and doesn’t do anything for justice in that particular case.”

He says that Al Sharpton and the other instigators should focus their attention on the real problems and cites his hometown of Detroit as well as Chicago, New Orleans, and Washington DC as examples of cities where the murder rates are astronomical. He says while 100 black males were killed last year by police, 5,000 were killed by other black males.

Carson says it’s “become politically incorrect to actually put your finger on the real problem.”

Dr. Carson addresses the violence in Chicago and asks, “Why don’t we talk about their failed gun laws?” and “Why don’t we talk about what is their mayor doing, why are things getting so bad, because he’s a friend of the secular progressives.” We’ve got to stop picking and choosing who the friends and foes are.

As to whether Holder should be in Ferguson, Carson says if he is objective and truly interested in justice, not vigilantism, then it could be useful. If he’s going to be a divisive partisan, as he has been in the past, then he doesn’t think it will be useful.

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