[Watch] Donald Trump – Illegal Stampede, Border Madness is a “Concerted Effort” by Obama


Donald Trump, appearing on “Fox and Friends,” describes what is going on in this country as madness. From the pandering appeal by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel to send illegal aliens to his city to the federal government dumping 700 illegal alien children into Tennessee without notifying the Governor, the lawless regime is wreaking havoc on America.

Trump says many of those coming illegally into the country don’t speak English and they also don’t speak Spanish. Their other, what he calls an “Indian Dialect” is a language for which we have no translators, but we will still be expected to educate them. He says plainly, our country can’t handle it, we can’t do it. Whether it’s the problem of infectious diseases, in some cases very, very infectious diseases.” He adds, “We have no country, we have no borders, we have no anything. So, something has to take place, it has to take place fast.”

He says these illegals are being spread all over the country and they’re never going to be returned. Steve Doocey raises the point that in his belief, a major reason why this is being done in secret is because the property owners will be required to pay for their education. The feds don’t want to deal with the resulting public outcry any more than they have to.

He says “It can’t be this stupid; it must be a concerted effort to get these kids into the system, add them into the system, as you know later on they’ll become citizens and they’ll vote Democratic. This has to be some kind of concerted effort by the ‘president’ to let these people come into the country, because it’s not that tough.”

Trump says it would be an easy thing for a real president to get on the phone to his Mexican counterpart and demand that this stop. While he’s at it, he could demand Sgt Tahmooressi be released as well. He says we have such power over Mexico, but we don’t use it.

He says we could stop it easily by simply telling Mexico we’re not doing business with you, we give them tax advantages to build companies in Mexico. Trump closes saying that “our country is getting to a point where it’s not going to be able to come back anymore.”

Rick Wells is a conservative author who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. Please “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter or visit www.rickwells.us