[Watch] Did Obama Arm ISIS Before They Left Syria? – Ted Cruz


Senator Ted Cruz responds to questions regarding Benghazi and a supposed desire on the part of Hillary Clinton to get to the bottom of what happened. One particularly inane question from the interviewer, Erin Burnett, involves a new Hillary Clinton assertion that “I still need answers” which Burnett asks, “Isn’t that enough for you?”

Cruz replies, “We don’t have the answers, though, I mean she says it…,” Burnett interrupts saying, “But I mean she’s admitting ‘I don’t have them all, I’m not trying to say I’m blameless, I’m trying to get answers.’”

Senator Cruz responds, “But she’s not trying to get answers, she’s trying to block the answers from ever being answered, indeed her most famous comment on this is “what difference does it make.”

Cruz seems overly generous in citing a failure to understand the nature of our enemy as the basis for the Obama regime’s misdeeds around the globe.

He says whether it is the release of five top Taliban and al-Qaeda leadership or what he describes as “a great question we should be asking the Obama administration right now,” regarding what role they played in arming ISIS.

Cruz says we know they are arming some of the Syrian “rebels” and we haven’t had an answer as to which ones they are arming and which ones they are not.

As welcome as it is to finally hear someone ask that bothersome question as part of the national dialogue, it is equally unlikely that anyone within the administration will be providing an honest response.

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