[Watch] DHS Inspector General Skewers Agency in Report on Amnesty, Immigration


A DHS Inspector General report, reviewing the policies of the Obama regime and Jeh Johnson, is the topic of discussion by Bill O’Reilly and Laura Ingraham. That report criticizes the release of thousands of illegals aliens into our society, particularly 600 criminal illegal aliens, convicted of crimes in addition to their presence in the country illegally.

They discuss how this is just the most recent report, with the numbers being much higher, into the tens of thousands. She says this is just another piece of evidence that the regime is not serious about enforcement.

She says they will claim to have not had the money, but what is really at work is a threat. It’s political extortion. The regime is telling the American citizens that “if you don’t give us amnesty, we’re not going to enforce this law and it’s going to endanger the public.”

Ingraham cites an Univision poll in California which showed immigration as the sixth most important issue, behind Jobs, Wages, the Deficit, Education, Health Care among Latino voters. She says that clearly, the Republican position on illegal immigration will resonate with these people. Many of them are legal immigrants and they are the ones who will be hurt the most by illegal amnesty.

She sees Obama as overreaching his politics in addition to the law on this issue and feels it could easily come back to haunt him.

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