[Watch] Dennis Prager Preaches Back To Basics On Ethics And Morality

[Watch] Dennis Prager Preaches Back To Basics On Ethics And Morality

We in the United States believe, with good reason, that the system of government we espouse cannot exist without the bedrock principles, ethics and morality passed down from generation after generation that have come before us.  Some call it Biblical morality, or Tradition passed to us from God through the Jews.  There is no denying the list we commonly call The Ten Commandments came from Hebrew scripture.  The items enumerated in the book of Exodus on how we must treat each other serve as the standard over which western civilization is based.  In short, it is the Judeo-Christian way of living.

Every day we see a new low for discourse set in this country.  Why?  Because, as Dennis Prager, a good Jew who lives by the morals laid down to Moses on Mount Sinai, explains, we have replaced God, and if we do not live with God as the center of our lives, we risk allowing evil to replace Him, in life, politics, entertainment, education and much more.

The following is the beginning of a 10 part series produced by Prager University on the law handed down to man from God.  All ten are worth viewing.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HA1Xgm2rit0?list=PLsKHz5BsgY7JmYXdeoxXMXE8HuDdokeXj&w=560&h=315]


Also of interest is Prager’s column from today which is essentially a transcript of the second video.

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