[Watch] Congresswoman Marcia Fudge Tell Constituents to “Contain Your Complaining”

To give Congresscritter Marcia Fudge credit, she is correct on all points: across the board, begging people to vote occurs; trash collection falls under local government, not federal; people do not spend enough time talking to their local officials and entirely too much depending on federal figureheads; and those who receive a handout need to quit their b!tching.  Not the best guilt trip booking, but it sounds like mom is not happy with the kids being ungrateful.

Fudge’s message when it comes to what the Congressional Black Caucus fights for, though, is what catches attention:

The black caucus fights for you everyday. Even when you won’t fight for yourself. We fight for you. Whether it’s immigration or eduction, whether it’s food stamps or housing, we fight for you everyday. So my message to you is to contain your complaining.

Interesting cross section of what they fight for.  No civil liberties mentioned or freedom.  No free speech rights or freedom to practice religion.  No rights to bear arms or freedom from unlimited search and seizure.  Just immigration, education, food stamps and housing.

And the people wonder why they cannot get ahead or are stuck in the ghetto.  There’s no leadership other than hand-outs.

Source article Rebel Pundit

The one thing to which those of us who are not of African dissent should really take exception to, though, is the claim that no other people has gone through as much as American blacks.  Those of us with Irish heritage beg to differ.  So will the Jews.  And the Christians in the Middle East.  All of us have been oppressed and hated at one time or another.   

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