[Watch] Conficts of Interest Everywhere – DOJ and IRS In Bed Together on Targeting, Cover-up


Lou Dobbs and Sharyl Attkisson lead us on a virtual tour of some of the many areas of “apparent” impropriety or conflict of interest between Eric Holder’s Department of Justice and the Internal Revenue Service.

It is clear that many people involved in the DOJ’s IRS investigation as well as many other agency and departmental officials should at a minimum not be in an oversight or investigative position in either the DOJ or the IRS or investigating possible criminality in the relationship between the two. There is also more than enough evidence to lead one to conclude that those in their positions could have been placed there precisely to stifle or impede investigations by Congress and others.

They point out that were it not for the efforts of Judicial Watch and the House Oversight and Reform Committee, we would likely never have known the levels of corruption and abuse of power that are starting to be revealed.

They also ask the question as to why no Special Prosecutor has been named. This video summary is just more evidence of the fact that Hussein Obama is the public face of the most corrupt, criminal organization this nation has ever seen, which pervades to some degree virtually every branch of government.


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