[Watch] Col Ralph Peters – Pro Hamas Democrats Clinton, Pelosi, “Beyond Dumb, Naive and Ignorant”


Making excuses for Hamas attacking Israel with missiles and conducting their military operations from within civilian buildings and neighborhoods, Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi go on the record.

Hillary Clinton says the practice is due to the geographically small area Hamas is forced to wage their attacks from. There was no place left but a school and a hospital, terrorists can’t be choosers. The missiles campaign must go on.

Our former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi quotes her source, the Qataris, as assuring her that Hamas is not a terrorist organization. Of course, to the Qataris, there is no such thing as a terrorist organization beyond the State of Israel, so their opinion might be less than reliable. According to them, Pelosi says, Hamas is a humanitarian organization.

Even the Taliban aren’t considered by the Qataris to be terrorists, as their capacity as temporary caretakers of the Obama Gitmo Five demonstrates. For some reason, she says “we have to confer with the Qataris.” Maybe Nancy should confer with a medical professional instead and get started with her dementia treatment.

Col Ralph Peters addresses Clinton’s comments first, saying her naiveté and ignorance should disqualify her from holding any position higher than that of a small town mayor.

As to Pelosi’s comments, Col Peters reminds us that Qatar is the largest funder of terrorism in the Middle East, having displaced the Saudis. Peters says, “They play us like a bass fiddle.”

Peters talks of the modern day Nazis, the Islamic extremists competing to try to kill the most Jews and Christians, for whom he has an answer. He gives a Russian version as well which translates into “Wipe them all out.”

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