[Watch] Col Ralph Peters – Obama’s People Get It, He’s Clueless on Islamist Terrorists


Col Ralph Peters discusses the domestic terror threat and the lack of a strategy or response for dealing with it on the part of the Obama White House.

Megyn Kelly describes the message from the White House as all over the board, but “the word coming from his Counterterrorism head, his Defense Secretary, his Chairman of the Joint Chiefs all seem to be telling us the same thing, which is yes, we do need to worry.”

Peters says that Obama has isolated himself from his own allies. The final straw for the intelligence community was when he tried to blame them for not alerting him about ISIS when the Intelligence community knows full well it’s been doing all it could for well over a year to tell the “president” that “Hey, they’re coming and they’re serious.”

He says Hagel gets it as well. Many people who are trying to be loyal to the “president” are finding they just can’t be because “this guy doesn’t get it.”

Peters references the Estonia news conference, saying “Today was another debacle, where Obama sounds strong and then he backs off and says; well we’ve just got to get this to a manageable level with Islamic State caliphate.

Col Peters says, “You can’t manage hardcore fanatical terrorists, it’s like trying to manage a barrel of rattlesnakes.”

He also points out the ridiculous nature of comments made by Joe Biden, saying, “We’ll follow ISIS to the gates of Hell.” Peters points out, “We won’t even follow them into Syria.”

Col Peters identifies the Obama administration as one which relies upon rhetoric for everything.

Regarding the truth as to the threat level posed by ISIS, Peters says that one thing we do know is that they want desperately to hit us. Islamist terrorists all want to hit us and there’s no better day than on the anniversary of 9/11.

Peters believes that the threat is growing and metastasizing while Obama insists on doing nothing. He says ominously, “At some point, even the best efforts of New York’s finest are not going to be able to prevent that horrible attack.”

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