[Watch] Col Ralph Peters – Obama the Amazing Shrinking President – A Tiny Man in a Well-Tailored Suit


The interview with Col Ralph Peters starts off with Sean Hannity playing a clip in which Col Tony Shaffer directly assigns the blame for the failure of a rescue mission to save James Foley to B. Hussein Obama. In that clip Shaffer points out that Obama delayed making a decision and that is what caused the failure. He also accuses Obama of throwing the Special Forces guys under the bus when he needed a scapegoat.

Peters describes Obama as a creature of words, of rhetoric. He says, “He has this almost childlike belief that if he tells big fibs or says he’s going to do something or did it or outright lies about it, that somehow that makes it okay, that makes the problem go away.

He calls Obama a “Hamlet of a president, forever debating to be or not to be, procrastinating endlessly, is really doing incredible damage. Col Peters adds, “When he became president, Sean, radical Islam was on the ropes, not totally vanquished, but badly hurting.” He describes the last six years as a stunning recovery, that the entire loose web is vastly more powerful.

Peters recalls how he witnessed from the Pentagon as the Clinton administration denied the seriousness of the threat posed by a strengthening al-Qaeda.

He also notes that the time spent by Obama in Indonesia did him a disservice, as the Islam he experienced there is much different, much more civilized than that of the Middle East.

As to the recent decisions of the Egyptians and UAE to take military action against Islamic factions in Libya without notifying or involving the United States, Peters calls Obama “the amazing shrinking president, a tiny man in a well-tailored suit.” He says the reason the United States was left out of the loop on the Libya attack is because our allies know they can’t trust us.

Peters puts it clearly saying, “Because the Obama administration routinely backs the bad guys. They trust the Qataris, who are principle funders of the Islamic State and other radical organizations.”

Peters closes with, “This is the world turned upside down, Obama doesn’t understand radical Islam, doesn’t under the Middle East and oh by the way, he doesn’t understand the American people. And worst of all, he doesn’t care…for.”


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