[Watch] Col Ralph Peters – Obama ‘Has a Real Psychological Problem, Can’t Face Responsibility’


Col Ralph Peters characterizes Hussein Obama as “a ‘president’ who has remarkably little curiosity about the world, seemingly unable to learn what works and what doesn’t, what’s necessary and what’s not,” and offers his personal analysis.

He says the reason that Obama declined in-person briefings is because he didn’t want briefings at all. He says Obama at most probably skimmed through the parts that he found interesting and was utterly ignoring and in effect throwing away the hard-own inputs of the intelligence community.

Peters reflects upon his whining that Obama won’t make a decision, saying that he’s starting to think he just “can’t make a decision.” He says, “We have a ‘president’ who has a real psychological problem, that he can’t face responsibility and certainly not the responsibility of his office.

He cites as evidence that he seems to always be on the road, at fundraisers or other excuses. He says “we may have a “president” who is just incapable of rising to the challenges of the office.”

They raise the issue of ISIS being in the country and the “leaders” of our nation being recreational junkies and how that plays to the rest of the world.

Peters say that we are going to hit again and that the world perceives our nation as weak and indecisive, they think that we are afraid and that the American people have turned into cowards. That is a result of our failed leadership.

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