[Watch] Col Ralph Peters – Gen Dempsey Committed Obama Greatest Sin – He Told The Truth


Regarding the dramatic reversal of their statements by Secretary Hagel and most notably Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Martin Dempsey, and the possibility that political pressure was exerted upon them to change their assessments, Col Ralph Peters believes he knows exactly what is going on.

Megyn Kelly asks the question, saying, “The Chairman of the Joints Chiefs is not supposed to be messing with the information in order to assuage political concerns. So what do you believe is the likelihood that somebody took General Dempsey out behind the woodshed over the weekend and said, ‘What are you saying the threat is imminent for?’”

Col Peters replies, “Well, they unquestionably took him out behind the woodshed and for an extended period, but let’s face it Megyn, he deserved it. Because General Dempsey committed the greatest sin you can commit in the Obama administration last week; he told the truth.”

Peters names off a list of things that Dempsey said which are critical factors in our response or failure to do so, and he says that if they are true, they are in conflict them being a JV team and with the Obama narrative. He says If they were right, Obama would have to do something, so “with a wave of the ‘president’s’ magic golf club, we’re back to well, it’s not an immediate threat, it’s not a threat to the U.S.”

Peters says Obama is sulking, like a child that isn’t going to clean up his room and you can’t make him clean up his room.

Kelly asks him about a report that two of our allies in the region, Egypt and the UAE just teamed up to strike Islamist targets in Libya and did so without notifying the U.S. in advance. She asks what kind of a message does that send as to our standing with those nations and the world in general.

Peters says the two nations don’t trust us anymore. They were afraid that if they told us in advance, that we would either leak the information to the Qataris and the Turks who would then leak it to the rest of the world, or that we would try to stop them.

He says “Obama left an utter mess in Libya, the Egyptians live next door, UAE is worried about the rise of Islamist extremism,” yet the Obama administration distances itself from Egypt and cozies up to the Qataris, “who are unspeakably duplicitous,” and to the Turks who back the Muslim Brotherhood and gave free passage to ISIS through Turkey.

Peters says, “We’ve got it absolutely upside down, our allies don’t trust us, our enemies don’t fear us and you can’t blame that on Bush.”

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