[Watch] Col Peters – Obama a Terrified Little Man in a Great Big Job He Can’t Do


Col Ralph Peters is critical of the comments of John Kerry regarding the relationship between Muslims, Christians and global warming. Peters sees that speech for the steaming pile of manure that it is.

He says, “Look, John Kerry doesn’t know anything about any religion,” describing him as an elitists that doesn’t take religion seriously. Peters says, “You trying to convince me he’s read the Koran?” adding, “Which I have by the way, I doubt that he’s read the Bible all the way through.”

He says that these insiders who went to the right prep schools and the Ivy League universities, our governing elite among both parties to a degree, don’t understand the power of faith.

Peters says that the barbarians’ belief that they are on a mission on behalf of their religion to subjugate the world and kill non-believers who fail to convert is what gives them their intensity. Their barbarism is their religion.

He says the elites don’t understand bloodlust in young men, they don’t understand faith and they don’t understand how brutal much of the world is.

Peters points out how both Bush presidents were able to accomplish something that he has not, the building of a coalition. Peters doesn’t believe Obama will be able to garner support because our allies no longer trust us and him in particular.

Peters describes Obama as “a terrified little man in a great big job he can’t do.”

He points to the absurdity of believing or attempting to negotiate with someone who believes they are on a mission from their god to kill you. History shows that the only way to defeat religious terror is to kill the perpetrators.

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