[Watch] CNN Interviewed Benghazi Suspect Last Year, Was Not Hard To Find


On the eve of Fox News’ interview with Hillary Clinton, comes the arrest of the only “suspect” apprehended for possible involvement in the Benghazi attacks.

That man, Abu Khattala, was not hard for those with the financial and cultural means to find, as the CNN reporter was able to do. She claims she was able to locate and interview him, including an audio recording, with little difficulty.

He also offered to speak with the Americans who up to the point of the interview had not contacted him. He said he has nothing to hide.

Now Hillary Clinton will be able to mute some of the questions in her interview. The public flogging in the media that Obama has been receiving over his ineptitude surrounding the fall of large portions of Iraq to al-Qaeda may sting a little less.

In an administration that relies heavily upon the use of human props to set every stage, the timing is quite interesting.

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