WATCH: Climate Change/Global Warming is a HOAX!


Sitting in Astronomy 160, I remember the Professor talking about how politics had invaded science. He was talking about the New Horizons Mission, a planetary probe that was on its way to Pluto to take pictures of the planet, mainly because we had pictures of all of the other planets but not Pluto. Al Gore was very enthusiastic about this project. The probe was seven years out to space when all of a sudden, science discovered a new classification of objects in space and Pluto was…no longer classified a planet. The politics of it was that America had shucked out $100 million in taxpayer money for this project that was suddenly irrelevant. Gore continued pushing and pushing for Pluto’s planetary status simply because of…politics.

Now John Coleman has come to the forefront. Coleman is the founder of The Weather Channel and has 60 years of experience as a meteorologist. Formerly a prominent member of AMS (American Meteorological Society), Coleman quit, saying it had become very clear to him that

“the politics had gotten in the way of the science.”

In the video Coleman explains,

“Now they call it ‘climate change’ instead of global warming because the warming has stopped, and that’s $4.7 billion in taxpayer money that’s funding ‘bogus reports’ and ‘bogus research.'”

While he explains “the greatest scam in history” in his video, he tells viewers there are 9,000 PhDs and 31,000 scientists who have signed a petition saying that the CO2 global warming theory is indeed a hoax, the goal of which is to make Americans the enemy of the planet so they’ll agree to greater government control over their behavior – and to reduce American’s use of oil, gas, and coal-based energy sources.

This isn’t the first time Coleman has come out with these facts. In 2009 he wrote a column called The Amazing Story Behind the Global Warming Scam, where he explained the reasons for the hoax, as well as the true facts behind so-called ‘climate change.’

Coleman admits that some evidence does point to rising global temperatures, however, he says it can be attributed to natural phenomena, not carbon dioxide and man-made pollutants, citing the Antarctic sea ice as an example. It is close to an all-time high, and Coleman notes that the polar bear population is as high as it’s been in written history. Sea levels are “rising at about the rate of about 6 inches per hundred years, as part of this inter-glacial period. When North America was covered in a 400 foot thick ice core at the end of the last ice age, the oceans were low, and then as that ice melted, of course the oceans have risen. That rise has been gentle and is not important.”

Watch the video to hear Coleman’s full explanations, then tell us what you think…Conspiracy Theory, Hoax, or Somewhere In Between?


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  1. ibelieveinfreedom2 | 04/07/2015 at 10:42 PM |

    True and remarkably well stated.

  2. The theoretical science of the Greeks relied almost totally on theoretical arguments. Experimentation was regarded as absurd, and both Aristotle and Plato said that recording data about celestial movements was wasted time. The Arabs regarded Aristotle’s works as the scientific equivalent of the Koran, and anything that contradicted Aristotle was considered to be heresy. That is why they excelled in math and medicine but failed to produce either theoretical or experimental science. Modern experimental science is derived from the medieval idea that since the universe was created by a rational being, that rational means, the chief of which was careful observation and rigid experiment could determine truth. Science is wonderful for that reason. It has a strictly defined focus, the physical world, and makes no claims pro or con about the nature of any reality outside the physical world.

    You can prove a scientific theory two ways. You can prove it by experimentation which gets results any other researcher can duplicate with the same methodology, as in most physics and chemistry theories, or you can make predictions which will be proven true when the future event happens. That’s how the theory of relativity was proven. AGW cannot be proven by experiment because of the nature of climate. It must be proven by analogies from past climate changes and in predictions of future events which must virtually all come to pass. Past climate changes have not fit in with the claim that carbon dioxide changes climate, though particulate matter and water vapor can, as shown by the effect of major volcanic eruptions.

    AGW had to change its name from global warming because the specific predictions of warming from the eighties and nineties that were supposed to happen in the last few decades did not materialize, especially increased number and power of all sorts of storms. The opposite turned out to be the common result. What is left is the interpretation of the data. There is clear proof that the data has been manipulated or destroyed, that the claims of support for AGW were based on a ridiculous mass mailing most scientists didn’t respond to, and a continued revamping of the predictions as each new presumption from the degree to which the earth radiates the heat it receives to the actual effect of carbon dioxide in the smaller experiments that can be done. The best that can be said is that man’s actions definitely causes a little changed weather, and perhaps even climate, but that it is extremely unlikely that the extreme events,especially those that have already failed to materialize will happen.

    Climate changes continually. The sea level has risen several hundred feet in the last twelve thousand years. It has been hotter and cooler than it is now during that same period. While alarmists think the change of a few degrees will produce catastrophe, the highest temperatures of the Holocene Optimum produced every major civilization in the world. The other smaller warmer periods were times of prosperity and human growth, not disaster. All who study weather in past ages state that we are in one of many interglacial periods that have occurred over the last million years or so, one of the coldest periods in the last hundred million years of earth’s history. Any return of the glaciers, or even a few degrees of world cooling would lead to massive crop failures, ecological disaster, and the possible collapse or crippling of civilization. If my Cadillac Sedan de Ville’s carbon dioxide emissions would raise the world temperature, which is unlikely, we should all get busy and produce more carbon dioxide to prevent the ecological disaster most likely from the history of the last million years and not worry about temperature rises that would create problems we could not only solve, but benefit from.

    One sure thing — as soon as a ‘science’ becomes a political crusade, it ceases to become science and has become a religion.

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