[Watch] Christians Given 72 Hours to Get Out of Iraq, All Possessions, Money Stolen by ISIS


The “Human Rights Watch” Middle East director says that “ISIS is carrying out a vicious campaign against minorities.” He says that being a Christian, among other groups, can cost you your livelihood, you liberty and your life.

The attacks on Christians have had an impact on their numbers in many nations and it is the essence of jihad, according to Charles Krauthammer. There was no crime against ISIS by the Christians, it is pure ethnic cleansing. “It is the pure essence of the intolerance and the barbarism of this kind of Islamic radicalism.”

This is the hatred of “the other,” as Krauthammer puts it, you see it with Hamas and the Jews, Boko Haram in Nigeria. It is not about western imperialism or a payback. “It is the expression of jihadism.”

Kirsten Powers talks of the Muslim saying, “first the Saturday people, then the Sunday people, meaning first kill all of the Jews then all of the Christians.” She says Christian martyr deaths have doubled in the last year.

She sees the greatest issue as getting these people resettlement and humanitarian aid, as they have lost everything forever. She also recognizes the negative influences of Saudi Arabia as being a key influence in the tyranny.

Charles Krauthammer asks where is Obama on this issue? He claims that we must be respectful to Muslims, yet he is mute on this tyranny.

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