[Watch] Child Endangering Charges Filed Against Father of Boy Who Ditched Church


The father of Justin Williamson, an eight-year-old boy in Blanchester, Ohio, was cuffed and arrested in front of his children and charged with “Child Endangering.” He apparently ran afoul of the law when he assumed that, because the church van his children were waiting for had pulled up in front of his house where his son was waiting with his siblings, that all of them had gotten on it.

Jeffrey Williamson, the boy’s father said he heard the driver’s voice, saw the van and thought nothing more of it until the city police brought his son home after finding him at the Family Dollar Store instead of at church.

The police report describes the officers as coming to the rescue of a lost and abandoned child. Mr. Williamson describes that assertion as ridiculous, saying his son is quite familiar with the area and often plays there with other kids in the very same area in which the police picked him up, supposedly disoriented.

Williamson lost his job after the story ran on the front page of the local newspaper. He also reports that his children now react in fear to police when they see them on the road, asking if they are going to arrest him.

It might have been a good idea for the driver of the church van to let the father know that his child didn’t get on. That seems to be where the system broke down, but regardless, the child plays in the same area unsupervised all of the time. What was different this day?

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