[Watch] Charles Krauthammer on The Vacant President – Hussein Obama Isn’t Interested in the Job


Greta Van Susteren asks Charles Krauthammer why he titled a recent article “The Vacant Presidency.” He responds saying, “Look, the world is going to Hell in a handbasket, you’ve got war in Ukraine, you’ve got war in the Middle East, you’ve got ISIS on the move in the middle of the Middle East, you’ve got Christians being expelled from parts of Iraq and we’ve got the crisis on the border. And where is the ‘president?’ It isn’t news, he’s in The Hamptons.”

Krauthammer continues, “He’s raising funds, he’s playing golfs, he doing photo-ops, he’s not involved. Now some people are saying he’s checked out, he’s depressed, he’s overwhelmed and he’s withdrawing in some way. But that’s not completely true.”

He reminds us how Obama is very engaged on domestic issues and his dictatorial threats. He says the lack of engagement is mostly in regards to foreign affairs and offers a theory as to why. Krauthammer says he thinks Obama believes that in the end aggression won’t pay, so the U.S. does not have to be involved.

Greta counters with examples of domestic problems which are being ignored, violence in Chicago and Detroit and the problem he created on America’s southern border.

Krauthammer modifies his statement to say that there are certain domestic issues which Obama is interested in.

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