[Watch] Charles Krauthammer – Obama Has No Border Solution, Response is All PR and Language


Why are we listening to the United Nations telling Americans to allow an invasion of our nation simply because they choose to attach a label to a certain type of economic invader who wants to steal a piece of our pie.

Americans would willingly give them a piece, if they followed the rules and waited their turn, but these people are entitled, even before they get signed up for their first handouts. They are stepping to the front of the line.

No, they are not refugees, they are illegal invaders who don’t respect our borders, don’t respect our nation, and don’t respect the immigrants who are “foolishly” processing their paperwork in accordance with the laws of the United States.

To the other point raised, Krauthammer says that rather than deal with the problem, the debate and attention is focused on the “optics, politics and the presentation.”

The problem, Krauthammer says, is that we have a huge problem and Obama has done nothing. He says either he doesn’t know what to do or he is happy with the situation the way it is.

He points out that the four billion he proposed to deal with the problem is simply the expense of absorbing all of these people. It is not intended to and there is nothing being done to stop the influx.

Krauthammer says that in this case, as with everything Obama, “all we talk about is the PR and the language.”

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