[Watch] Central American Kids, Illegal Aliens or Cartel Kidnap Victims, Delivered Here at Taxpayer Expense


What if this whole refugee crisis from Central America has a larger criminal component to it than was initially suspected? What if it is a human version of Eric Holder’s Fast and Furious gun running scheme, intended to bring people to the United States, whether they like it or not.

It’s obvious that the illegal alien children and families don’t have the money to fund their transport across Mexico. The going rate is reported to be between five thousand and twenty five thousand dollars per child, a number offered by the First Lady of Honduras and supported by Texas Congressman Henry Cuellar.

Somebody is paying the drug cartels for the trafficking, and the money trail would seem to begin with the financial aid promises of the American government, including new commitments by Joe Biden to help each Central American nation with millions of U.S. Dollars to make their own countries more inhabitable. His latest handout to Honduras begins at $40 million and goes up from there.

Once the national president or dictator and his cronies get their portion, and a nominal amount deposited for “programs for the people,” the smugglers get paid. They then transport the requisite number of children along the route and deposit them in the United States. If there aren’t enough volunteers, cartels are in the kidnapping business, so it’s no problem. The horror stories we’ve hear of fingers and ears being cut off might be their way of keeping the kids both compliant and quiet.

There are two required assumptions for this theory to work. One is that key components of the government of the United States must be corrupt enough to be willing to trade millions of dollars in taxpayer money for a new crop of voters that fit their desired demographic.

Democrats have a history of creating conditions favorable for voter fraud and then using those conditions to their benefit. Having seen their goal of amnesty fall apart before their eyes, in spite of strong-arm, extortionist-style tactics, it is not inconsistent with their methods and their lack of principles to move into the purchase of voters from other countries. It’s sort of like a Central American ACORN franchise run by murderers.

The second assumption is that we may be erroneously holding the belief that these children, teens and others are coming to America by choice. This question is reinforced by the report by Todd Starnes in the attached video. What if some, many, or most of these “immigrants” are not voluntarily making this trip? Their parents could have been paid a small fee or the children could have been kidnapped by the cartels and their families or the children threatened to keep quiet.

That would certainly fit with the tight security perimeter that has been erected by DHS to insulate their new inductees.

They all claim to have a phone number for someone to contact in the U.S. once they have processed. There is no verification of the identity or intent of these contact persons by DHS. They could be turning them over to family members, or they could easily be handing them back to the cartel pimps. DHS has no idea and probably isn’t concerned. What is important to them is the fundamental transformation of America.

This line of thought works with different levels of criminal complicity, and could include various levels of ineptitude as well. It might sound a little or even very far-fetched, but so did Iran-Contra, at the time, and the lost IRS emails.