[Watch] Brown Family Attorney Wont Answer Hannity Questions – Why This Case?


Sean Hannity opens the discussion by showing a clip of comments made by Missouri Congressman Lacy Clay, a Democrat, who was also one of three founders of the Congressional Black Caucus. It’s obvious Mr. Clay has a race preference axe to grind and it is no coincidence that he was selected to represent the Obama regime at the Brown funeral.

Clay warns that if there isn’t “justice” by his definition in the Michael Brown case, that there will be more problems in the streets. There’s just nothing like a Congressman, sent by the “president” and Attorney General to represent them at a funeral, issuing threats of racial unrest to keep things heated up.

Government Race-baiter Clay didn’t say there might be a problem, he said “there is going to be a problem in the streets.”

Addressing the much larger numbers of fatalities over the weekend in Chicago and New York, Hannity asks Daryl Parks, the Brown attorney, why some cases draw attention of media and activists while others don’t. He asks if there is an agenda behind it.

Hannity points out that there seems to be selective moral outrage, that when it is an issue that they think they can use to drive home a racial message.

Parks does a fair job of avoiding answering the question in a manner which could be construed as not in keeping with the interests of his clients and is therefore limited as to just how honestly he can respond.

It is obvious that there is an attempt on the part of the Obama regime, through its minions and instigators as well as the leadership, in leading the charge to make as much racial hay out of Ferguson as they possibly can, for as long as they can.

There is an agenda, there is an effort, and it is politically motivated. Democrats need dependent black voters, and the angrier and more victimized they believe they are, the more dependable they are as a voting bloc.

The challenge for the Obama regime will be to keep them riled up until November.


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