[Watch] Brit Hume Hates To Say It – Obama a “Failed Presidency”


Megyn Kelly gives a damning opening on the Obama regime’s record and the tremendous negative impact it has had on our nation. She names a long list of scandals and serious situations which the regime has inflicted upon America, reminding us that while the world falls in around him, Obama is golfing and fundraising, at the very time with a fashion queen.

She asks Brit Hume if she was in error on any of it and he says while he’s unable to disagree with any of the inclusions she made in her argument, there was one omission he feels compelled to include, that of our failing economy.

Hume says he hates to say it, but the Obama regime has been a failed presidency.

She then moves on to the arrest of Abu Khatalla, asking why are we bringing him to American soil to be tried where he will receive Miranda rights and other benefits that would not be available to him in Gitmo. Her guest is Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI), a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee as well as the Homeland Security Committee.

He says the reason that Khatalla is being brought to the United States for trial is simply because Obama is going to make matters worse once again. Now, with this odd choice of venue, there will be a substantially reduced opportunity to gather intelligence information, once again Obama putting politics, his commitment to close Gitmo, ahead of responsible leadership.

She also gives airtime to the questioning by James Rosen of State Department Spokeswoman, who talks her way around the answer as to why it took 642 days to arrest Abu Khattala when reporters were able to interview him without much difficulty, and how she fails after three attempts to provide a straight answer to his question.

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