[Watch] Brigitte Gabriel – ISIS Already Here, DHS Monitoring Suspects Inside America


Judge Jeanine asks Brigitte Gabriel if ISIS is already here. Gabriel responds by detailing a meeting that she had earlier in the day with DHS personnel in which they disclosed to her that they are monitoring several individuals within the United States whom they believe are members of the terrorist organization.

She also reveals that they believe many are coming through the Mexican border, which is a situation of their own creation. It is somewhat surprising that they acknowledge the potential for their having aided a terror strike within the U.S. through their policies. Perhaps they can no longer deny it.

Asked what attracts members to the barbaric group, Gabriel replies that she believes it is partially due to the structure. The members are told basically everything to do from the time they get up, how many times to pray, how to wash their hands, until they go to bed and these people like that. Judge Jeanine asks if that includes how to cut people’s heads off, and she confirms that yes, it actually does, and quotes the koran.

Gabriel also points out that converts to Islam are even more “devout” or extremely radical than those who are born into it.

She says the newly acquired wealth of ISIS reduced the value of kidnapping and ransoming hostages as a means for raising revenue. As a result, they are now much more willing to kill those they would have previously held for ransom.

She says the way for us to counter their strength, momentum and wealth is to strike them with unbelievable force.  She recommends the formation of a coalition, especially one which includes Islamic countries such as Turkey, Egypt and Pakistan. They have large, capable armies.

Gabriel closes saying, “A world coalition at this point is the only way we are going to be able to defeat ISIS.”

A Coalition and Shock and Awe; we’ve been here before.

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