[Watch] Border Patrol Union VP Reveals Just How Bad and Dangerous The Border Problem Really Is


Stu Harris is a vice president with the union which represents America’s border patrol agents. He reveals how bad things have gotten since the Obama regime has adopted an open border policy, spearheaded by DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson.

Harris says it’s important to understand that the cartels control the smuggling routes and it is the cartels that are pushing these people across the river instead of taking them to a port of entry. At a port of entry the result would be the same, so there is a reason why they are being dropped off in the manner they are.

Harris believes that reason is to be able to use the Central American illegals to create a diversion and to tie up their agents doing things other than securing the border. In the resulting vacuum, “the drug cartels are running whatever or whoever they want across the border and other places.” Harris adds, “Who or what is coming in, we don’t know, and we won’t know until something bad happens.” He says that, right now is their biggest concern and one that has to be addressed.

Mr. Harris describes to the Infowars reporters a summary of the process of induction and release, saying very few will show up for their court date.

He says the horrible conditions in Central America have existed for over ten years, but something sparked this invasion. That spark, he says, is the open border policy of the Obama regime. “Word spreads fast,” Harris says, and remarks that agents report over 90% of those interviewed during their processing report the knowledge that they won’t be deported as a primary motivation in making the decision to join the invasion.

He then raises the next issue of anchor babies that result from these illegals, and the process just get more complicated.

He also makes it clear that the Border Patrol agents do not support amnesty and that it is not the answer to the enforcement problem. Enforcement is the answer.

He remarks how low the morale in DHS is, and that much of it has to do with the policies that Obama and Jeh Johnson, along with his predecessor Janet Napolitano have put into place, restricting the ability of the agents to do their jobs.

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