[Watch] Border Patrol Rep – Border Now A 100% DHS De Facto Amnesty Operation, Border Patrol Just Following DC’s Orders


Gabe Pacheco is a Border Patrol union representative and an agent. He was a guest on Wednesday’s Laura Ingraham show and he reveals some things that the regime in DC would probably prefer to keep hidden.

Laura references the recent report by two whistleblower health professionals at the Lackland Air Base processing center, exposing serious health issues being ignored and allowed the environment in which to become much more severe. She mentions the scabies and head lice as well as any number of potential infections, including tuberculosis, STD’s and swine flu.

Agent Pacheco says that this is not new, but has been a long process of people coming across the border, answering the questions in the right way, claiming to be afraid to return to their country, at which time the Border Patrol would process them. They were then turned over to ICE and soon afterwards released into the community.

He says this has been going on for years, calling it a back door or de facto amnesty.

Here’s the link to the video as for some reason it is no longer available for embed.

Pacheco admits that he is risking his career by coming forward, that he’s “already been written up for saying things in the media,” saying he calls it “playing with the big boys now. It’s no longer local.”

He says the local leadership does “not have a say in what is going on. They are getting direction from higher up, even above Border Patrol Headquarters. We’re getting direction from within DHS.”

He talks of coordination, saying “we have something that has all of the components of DHS, are going to do this specific exercise, and move these people from one place to another.”

In a piece for the NBC San Diego, Pacheco said, “There are lots of people who have immigrated to the United States legally and have paid their fees, who have been medically screened, and all the steps they went through. This is just a big affront to them.”

He affirmed that the illegal aliens processed at the border are turned over to ICE and then released into the general population with a promise that they will return for their court date. That is a promise many choose not to keep.

He said, “When you have a porous border, when you have people coming across, agents are busy processing, changing diapers and doing whatever duties go along with that, you don’t have the agent on the ground out there,” he said. “If you don’t have that agent on the ground, all the infrastructure is for naught.”

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