[Watch] Border 911 Calls Force Response To Calls From Illegals for Water, Food and Medical Services


Chief Deputy Sheriff Urbino Martinez of Brooks County, TX, says the 911 calls from illegals who are lost in the desert without food or water or in urgent need of medical attention are a daily occurrence. He says the costs involved with responding to those calls is creating a desperate situation for his department, that they are rapidly running out of funds.

The situation is real; his department has recovered 43 corpses to this point this year. He says it is difficult sometimes to locate the victims in the heavy brush, as they were initially placing themselves into a situation and environment in which to avoid detection.

Deputy Martinez points to an unsecure border as the cause of the problems his department faces.

Maybe Harry Reid should have a conversation with Martinez and he could learn that in spite of his claims to the contrary and those of Martin Heinrich, his always dependable Democrat Senator from New Mexico, the bodies of foreigners and the call logs would indicate the border is not secure.

Brooks County, the dead illegals, and the American people are all victims of the socialist Democrat invasion scheme. Pretending it isn’t happening doesn’t change the reality, but it does allow it to continue. Nothing else seems to matter.


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