[Watch] Bill Whittle Gives Raw Black And White Crime Statistics


While this presentation is a couple months old, the protesting in Ferguson continues.  Despite the images and gradual leakage of information that has been steadily eroding the narrative of a white cop killing a sweet, gentle black teenager in cold blood, there is still an angst and message that whites don’t like and fear blacks just because they have more pigment in their skin – and that police are just killing blacks because they can.

Not true.  For some time, the rhetoric coming from the race-baiters has been just that.  Rhetoric.  And it serves no one when the people claiming to be victims commit crimes in the name of retribution for something that does not exist.  Now, two months later, the “victims” of racism are now rapping about killing white people “like Hitler did.”

Racial issues and the race war needs some plain speaking and truth.  Bill Whittle has done his part.  If the race war and racial discrimination is to be dealt with and eradicated, the truth must be spoken without embellishment or editorial overtones.  This is a start and a reminder to always dig deeper.

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