[Watch] Benghazi Court Filings – No Mention of Video, “180 Degrees From Obama Narrative”


Benghazi terror suspect Abu Khatalla made his initial appearance in court today as his trial slowly goes through the preliminary steps.

While they have been provided only limited documents, Fox has learned that the case against Khatalla charges “he was involved in a conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists with the expectation that they would be attacking a federal facility” and that this lead to the deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens and Sean Smith.

Catherine Herridge points out that there is no significant mention in the documents of spontaneity or a video, which seems to “blow apart” the explanation first offered for the attack.

Charles Stimson, a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, comments that the limited “placeholder indictment” puts a lie to the administrations talking points about a spontaneous video and all the rest,” adding, this is 180 degrees from the administration’s first talking points.”

Herridge summarizes that the government case as presented thus far is that there was a conspiracy which began in the days leading up to the 9/11 attack, that it was coordinated and premeditated.

There is no reference to spontaneity or a video as being a catalyst.

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