[Watch] As Mexican Helicopter Flies Over U.S., Border Agents Are Changing Diapers, Not Fighting Crime


The criminal Mexican government is flying observation and protection cover for their cartel partners on a daily basis. The U.S. not only doesn’t say anything about it, they don’t do anything. It seems the partnership extends beyond the Mexican border.

Filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch is a guest on the Huckabee program on Fox. He has documentary footage from the border that is both revealing and concerning.

Mike Huckabee asks Lynch if he is surprised by the brazenness of the Mexican government flying over our enforcement officers, challenging them to do anything about it. He responds, “Sadly no, sadly no.” He says it is a common, everyday occurrence.

He describes a $40 million technological structure in Arizona, designed for the interception and interdiction of cartel traffic. Far from being effective, the fence around that facility has been breached 42 times by trucks in the last 18 months. None of the trespassers were caught.

Obviously we knew it was happening. Our government, for some reason, has no will to stop them.

Another clip shows a border agent describing their inability to do their jobs to apprehend criminals, rapists, and other bad guys, because they are doing something else. They are changing diapers and making formula as well as providing new easily duplicated documentation for illegals.

Lynch says the country is under attack because of a lack of leadership. He may be being overly generous. It seems obvious that the leadership is the perpetrator of the attacks.

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