[Watch] Anti-Amnesty Leader Rep Tom Tancredeo – Border Crisis is “All Part of A Plan”


Steve Malzberg sets up his interview with former Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO) with an excerpt from the “alligators in a moat” speech in which B. Hussein Obama ridiculed his critics who are now proven to be correct in their view that he is anti-National Security.

In trying to explain the irrational behavior of Obama as it relates to his refusal to visit the border in spite of requests which some from Democrats, Tancredo says that simply, Obama is in the second term and he doesn’t really have to do anything he doesn’t want to.

He says if Obama can’t get Congress to go along with him, he can simply act unconstitutionally, sign some executive orders and force the bureaucracy into doing something that he wants.

The former Congressman makes the point that Obama cannot go to the border because he would be forced to decry a situation that he is responsible for creating.

Malzberg asks Tancredo if he agrees with the viewpoint of Rep Louis Gohmert that this was all intentional on the part of the Obama regime and whether he thinks the illegal children will be sent back. Tancredo makes it very clear, in his view; none of them will be going back.

Tancredo says that it doesn’t matter how many judges there are, nobody goes back for the hearing, and if they do, nobody gets deported, even if they are ordered deported. Tancredo says it is smoke and mirrors and Obama is a master at it.

He says he believes it is entirely engineered and dispels the myth that this happened as a result of a sudden uptick in violence, all of these random, cross national people, somehow magically made the same decision at the same time, to invade America.

Obama could also fall back on his unconstitutional unilateral action, but it won’t happen because all of this is part of a plan. He says this is part of Obama’s fundamental transformation of America.

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