[Watch] Another Obama “We Learned About The Scandal On The News” Claim From DOJ


Far from a vigorous investigation, Deputy U.S. District Attorney James Cole claims under questioning by Rep Ron DeSantis (R-FL) that the Justice Department learned of the missing Lois Lerner emails through the usual Obama source, the news media.

DeSantis questions the obligations of the leadership of entities who are aware of ongoing probes to preserve and produce relevant evidence, and to inform the investigating agency of untrue or inaccurate portions of statements of which they later become aware.

He establishes the duty of those under investigation by Congress also requires notification or a correction of the record in instances where the information is later learned to be inaccurate or untruthful.

DeSantis also questions Cole as to whether or not, in regards to a refusal to provide documents labeled by the Justice Department as having “substantial confidentiality” Obama is exerting executive privilege. He says that it is his belief that the documents in question were “law enforcement sensitive items” and offers a premise upon which that “tradition” provides an exemption from compliance with the request of Congress.

DeSantis questions Cole on whether the Justice Department is obligated to move forward with the contempt of Congress charges by statute, which reads “shall.” Not surprisingly, discretion is cited as a justification for not obeying the law, an Eric Holder tradition.

As is often the case, Cole is saved by the bell, with the Congressman’s time expiring just as the heat was being turned up.

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