[Watch] Andrew McCarthy: Fighting Domestic Terrorism Requires Intelligence On Islam

Following an attack on New York City police officers by a “radicalized” ax-wielding Islamist who may or may not have a mental illness, former prosecutor Andrew McCarthy joined Megyn Kelly on Fox News and had this to say about what it takes to stop domestic terrorism, especially when it comes to ISIS.


McCarthy does raise some good questions and points regarding what is being done to prevent terrorism in New York City among Islamist radicals.

  • The best information to help prevent attacks comes from the streets and that means developing contacts within the community.  Any good business person would do the same.
  • Which of the mosques are preaching terrorism and why would this be tolerated even with the first amendment?  (Westboro Baptist should raise the same questions.)
  • We are not calling attacks on innocent people by Muslims “terrorism” in favor of euphemisms that soften the fear factor.  That needs to change.
  • The “enemy’s threat doctrine” needs to be kept in mind at all times.  In the case of Islam, as McCarthy points out, the rules of their game have existed for over a thousand years and are not hidden on any way.

Just prior to the interview with McCarthy, Megyn Kelly interviewed Rep. Peter King, Chairman of the Counterterror and Intelligence Subcommittee in the House of Representatives.  He had this to say:

I can’t emphasize enough, we can have all the technology in the world, but more than anything else to stop these types of attacks, you need intelligence on the ground, you need informants. You need sources. You need to be able to work your way into those communities without worrying about lawsuits, without worrying about being attacked by the media, without having hands tied by politically correct politicians and judges — judges stopping police from doing their job.


Because we see now how tragic it can be, how real it can be. And the only way you can get that information is by being active on the ground and not worry about people saying you’re being politically correct in profiling. Get the job done. And to get it done, you have to get full cooperation from the community — that’s the underground — and you can’t have your hands tied by the — or by politically incorrect media.

Time to start calling all these individual ISIS attacks what they are – terrorism.  And it is beyond past time to cultivate contacts in the community to root out terrorist plots – just like was done with the mob.

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