[Watch] Allen West Provides Hussein Obama With a Winning ISIS Strategy


Cutting through the conflicting, contradictory messages that are coming from the White House, Col Allen West provides some experienced insight and his recommendations. He says that Obama needs to settle upon and state “the desired effects he wants to have.”

West continues, “because, as a military planner, if you tell me you want to destroy, then you tell me you want to disrupt, then you tell me you want to dismantle, you want to defeat, you want to degrade, then you want to manage the problem, you know, you’re all over the place and you’re creating such confusion I don’t know exactly how to plan and how to prepare some type of operational plan for you to approve.”

West says that Obama needs to sit down with his advisors, not Valerie Jarrett but with the military advisors for a plan to truly destroy ISIS. That, he says, is the only type of plan that is viable for the United States and the region.

Greta asks if, given the money and weapons required, the Kurds and Iraqi military can do the job on the ground that is needed. West says he’s hesitant to help the Iraqi military due to their ties to Iran. As for the Kurds, definitely they should be supported.

West says the job can’t be done by the air alone and our military will be required in order to effectively use air power. He says the situation dictates a response, not the other way around as is our current posture.

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