[Watch] Allen West on Democrat Silence Over Shootouts, Violence in “Gun Free” Chicago


Col Allen West is Megyn Kelly’s guest, with the topic of discussion being the rampant gun violence in urban inner-cities, particularly in the regime’s backyard of Chicago.

West says, in his opinion, that the Democrats can’t express outrage, be it legitimate or otherwise, because that would draw attention to the fact that gun control does not work. Chicago has some of the most stringent and restrictive gun laws in the nation. They also lead the nation in gun violence.

He says he doesn’t believe that it is important to the progressives to work to correct this situation. He also finds it noteworthy that many of the problems which are supposedly driving the Democrats to throw down our national border with Mexico are existing in our own country, in the hometown of the White House occupant, with little acknowledgment.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel blames other jurisdictions as being the source of the illegal guns which then are used to commit acts of violence and crimes. West believes that Emanuel is ignoring the gang element, and the extreme inner city unemployment.

Kelly asks if part of the problem is that we are just desensitized, used to the idea of gang members killing other gang members. West points out that he grew up in the inner city of Atlanta, but when you have a breakdown of the black family to the point that only 28% of the black children grow up in a household with both a father and a mother in the home, a prime situation for the growth and participation in gangs is the result.

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