[Watch] Allen West Analysis Middle East Chaos and America’s Support of Radical Islam


Sean Hannity asks Col Allen West to comment on statements made by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in regards to the state of siege which they are currently under.

He notes that 1,000 rockets have been fired into Israel and two-thirds of the population of Israel has been forced into bomb shelters in the last seven days. Hannity asks Col West two questions, if this were America, how would we react and why isn’t Obama saying with moral clarity that Israel has a right to self-defense?

West points out that one of Obama’s special assistants, Philip Gordon, was in Israel last week and blamed them for the hostilities. He says the key and important thing to remember is that HAMAS is a non-state terrorist organization engaged in combat and terrorist operations against a nation. He says the only negotiations that should be underway should be for the elimination of the terrorist organization HAMAS, which is dedicated to the destruction of Israel and the death of every Jewish citizen.

Hannity further asks why we are supporting this terror organization and notes that the language used by Philip Gordon was exactly the language used by the Palestinians. They ask, whose side is Barack Obama on?

They both comment on the continuing foreign policy positions that the U.S. seems to take and the messages which come from the White House that we are aligning ourselves with radical Islam and forsaking our traditional allies.

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