[Watch] Abortions Don’t Count – Open Borders Pelosi Loves “the Children” Republicans Hate


Rep Nancy “Aborting Babies is a Right” Pelosi (D-CA) rants against the Republicans who she claims are only blocking her socialist Democrat Party’s amnesty because they hate “the children.” It is because of this extreme hatred of the young, which, in view of their pro-life positions must begin at birth, that Pelosi claims Republicans have introduced a second bill, even more sinister than the earlier version. It’s all in order to pander to their evil patriot base and “intensify the harm to the children.”

One might wonder if the Democrats are stupid enough to believe this woman and why she is allowed behind a microphone? Is simple power lust enough of a justification for them to allow this lying rodent to spew in their name? Apparently that answer is yes.

She raises a red herring, faulting a Republican effort for not tracking efforts to “repatriate the children.” That any of them would be repatriated is due only to Republican efforts and once they are back in their own country, what need is there of tracking them? Plane lands, they get off, don’t come back. It’s pretty simple.

She says it only tracks on the border, which is where our problem lies. That seems like a good place to concentrate if you want to eliminate the problem, begining at the source and working your way back. That’s a horrible plan if you are attempting a fundamental social transformation.

Tracking has over twenty definitions and she seems to have switched mid-argument, maybe she’s confused.

She then characterizes the bill as a last ditch opportunity to tie the “president’s” hands from using his wisdom, “discretion” and exercising his executive authority to fix what no other human being could.

The second video picks up where the first left off, with Pelosi still demonizing the Republicans who are getting in the way of the Democrats socialist agenda. Not all Republicans, as there are a substantial number of establishment types who also work for the same anti-American interests which steer the Democrats.

She defines bipartisan in the strictest sense of the word, one sellout Republican is all she needs to make her claim “valid”.

She cites numerous bipartisan bills which are being rejected. A highway bill, a “voting rights” bill and amnesty are all going nowhere because some of the evil representatives with an “R” after their names are attempting to block the Democrat destruction of America. Of course, if they truly enjoyed bipartisan support, the bills would pass.

She labels those obstructionists as being anti-governance. More government is better government in Pelosi’s opinion and she’s determined to give us more government than we know what to do with.

Imagine those crazy conservatives thinking they can make their own decisions about their own lives. That will never work. The answer to all of our problems is to simply robotically obey the commands of the central authority. Nancy, Barry and the gang over at the dictatorial hierarchy know what’s best and the sooner we accept that reality the better off we’ll be. Slavery is freedom, right Nancy?

John Boehner is doing his part, playing the role of opposition, laughingly talking of a need to address challenges to America through strong leadership. Unless he’s about to announce his resignation as House Speaker, that strong leadership will be in the form of grass roots and rank and file House members.

Boehner says Obama’s lawlessness is conveying not strength, but weakness. That’s true; it conveys the weakness of the Republican leadership to do anything to stop him in a most obvious manner. He passes the buck on his questionable record saying we should take complaints of inaction on legislation to Harry Reid.

Boehner is correct that Reid and Pelosi are problems. It is also true that John Boehner is a problem as well.

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