[Watch] A Bad Idea – John Bolton on Giving Benghazi Terrorist the Protection of U.S. Courts


Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton describes the trial of Ahmed Abu Khatalla in a United States civil court as “a big mistake.”

He says the “Obama administration really has reverted to the pre-9/11 mode of looking at terrorist attacks as a law enforcement matter, sort of like knocking over the local Starbucks only maybe a little worse.”

Bolton says they view it as a way to prosecute terrorists in a regular criminal trial with full due process protections. He thinks that is fundamentally wrong, that the terrorist war being waged upon us should be treated as real prisoners of war. He feels that they could be legally detained for as long as the war lasts, which could be a very long time, and that they should be fully and completely interrogated in conjunction with their detention.

Khatalla has been given a court appointed attorney and read his Miranda rights and has pleaded not guilty. Bolton says the only question at this point is whether he clams up and looks for technicalities or he turns the trial into a propaganda exercise.

Bolton outlines how this is a symptom of the bigger Obama mindset, an ideological fixation that the war on terror is over. He points out how under Obama policies, we don’t want to talk about Islamic radicalism for fear of offending the parts of the world where the radicals come from, calling it a blindness that the United States is going to suffer as a result of.

Ambassador Bolton agrees that the timing with his apprehension was suspicious, but aside from a possible reluctance on the part of the Obama regime to admit there is still a terrorism threat, has a difficult time explaining the delay in arresting him.

It’s also possible that Obama wants to be able to shape the narrative or control how much information gets out about the American activities in Benghazi. That might be an easier thing to accomplish under the auspices of Eric Holder’s “Justice” Department than in a military environment.

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