[Watch] 2 Women Survive Being Run Over by Train: Caught on Tape

Watch as two women trapped on a railroad bridge, escape death after diving UNDER an oncoming train – and the only injury was a stubbed toe

  • The Indiana Railroad coal train had just ten inches of clearance, which allowed the women to survive
  • The women were on the trestle 80-feet above the water when a train came around the bend
  • The engineer applied the emergency brakes, but the train didn’t stop until after it had cleared the bridge
  • Both women were identified and will be charged with trespassing


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Two Indiana women are lucky to be alive after they were run over by a 14,000-ton coal train when they found themselves trapped on a railroad bridge.


Incredible video footage from and Indiana Railroad locomotive shows the women laying down in the middle of the tracks. The train, which has a mere ten inches of clearance above the railroad ties, miraculously passed harmlessly over top of them.


After the train finally stopped, both women stood up and ran away. One of the women shouted at the engineer that she had a stubbed toe, Indiana Railroad spokesman Eric Powell told Dc Gazette.


The women had been walking along Shuffle Creek Trestle Bridge, a narrow railroad bridge 80 feet above a creek bed outside Bloomington, Indiana, at 6.30 am on July 10. 


In danger: The two women couldn’t make it to the end of the railroad bridge before the train caught up with them. When one tripped, she had nowhere to go

When one of the women tripped on the tracks, she decided to lay flat in the middle of the ties. Her friend ran over to help, and then laid down as well. There is just ten inches of clearance underneath the train!