Valerie Jarrett Comments Prove It – Obama Campaigning on Ferguson For Dems in Nov


The whole White House clan is and has been vacationing together, but that doesn’t mean that our government is not operational. They are still very busy; they just aren’t doing much of anything productive.

Obama’s senior adviser, Valerie Jarrett, spoke from Martha’s Vineyard on Sunday, reassuring a concerned nation that they have been monitoring the Ferguson situation. There’s an election issue in there for Democrats, and by George (Wallace), they’re gonna find it.

Jarrett’s comments are below, in her own grammar.

Jarrett spoke with April Ryan on American Urban Radio, saying, “The ‘president’ has asked the Attorney General to come in tomorrow and brief him on the state of the investigation on the ground as well as any further actions that the federal government could play to help reduce the violence down to zero and uh, make sure that the public understands completely the scope of the investigation, and that’s going on on the ground. So, um, that will happen tomorrow.”

Ryan asks, “As it relates to Ferguson, will there be an outgrowth of a much larger issue?”

Jarrett said, “In terms of next steps I think our immediate goal is to make sure that the residents of Ferguson are safe, that the looting stops, that the vandalism stops, that the people who live in the community have confidence that justice will be done and that’s the ‘president’s’ primary objective right now. So let’s get through the next few days and make sure that that happens in a responsible way and the days and weeks ahead will determine next steps.”

They then press the safety issue again raising the start of school on Monday. Jarrett says, “Let’s make sure that all the residents of Ferguson are safe, particularly the young people, is paramount on the ‘president’s’ mind. Uh, he looks at this, I just spoke with him this morning, his concern was really thinking about it as a perspective of a parent and you wanna know that when you send your kids to school and they leave your home that they are going to be safe. And so, ensuring the safety of everybody of Ferguson and particularly the young people is paramount on the ‘president’s’ mind tonight.”

Ryan posted on her page alongside the interview that there are six offices from within the DOJ presently involved Ferguson. They are the FBI, Civil Rights Division, COPS, CRS-Community Relations Service, Office of Justice Programs and the US Attorney’s Office. Attorney General Eric Holder is personally coordinating the “project,” leaving him precious little time for cartel gun-running. A political AG’s work is never done.

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Some of Jarrett’s comments telegraph the upcoming actions we can expect from DOJ and the White House. She simplistically said that the feds want to reduce the violence down to zero, which, short of arresting, drugging or placing every citizen of Ferguson in straitjackets, isn’t going to happen.

She then says the public needs to understand the scope of the investigation, without telling us what the scope is, but we can figure that out pretty easily. It appears to be the railroading of the white policeman who shot a violent felon, with an investigation into finding any and every possible basis upon which to fabricate and insert the Obama/Holder version of racially-modified justice. The scope also appears to include creating a political response favorable to Democrats in advance of the upcoming November elections.

She and the White House are seeking to justify as much federal involvement as they can, in order to appear to represent the oppressed black community, taking on the evil white police force. When Jarrett talks of keeping people safe, she doesn’t say keeping them safe from the largely black looters and violent protesters.

She talks of protecting children going to school. Unless they are going to night school, on city sidewalks, they won’t probably come into contact with the demonstrators. The violence has occurred mostly after dark, when school children would be home. Anyway, we remember that the “president” described these are “peaceful protesters.”

Jarrett and company are employing a version of the illegal alien tactic used on the border, stressing the need for protecting the children. It doesn’t have to have any relationship to logic, truth or common sense. Americans aren’t critical thinkers. It just needs to sound good.

She says Obama is looking at things from the perspective of a parent. Maybe he should shift his approach to his job and start looking at things from the perspective of the Constitution, and as a real president instead. That’s what he’s paid to do. That’s what he’s authorized to do.

Let Debbie Wasserman-Schultz handle the political theatrics.

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