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UN Conference On Climate Change Encounters Great Stonewall Of China


So much for the new spirit of cooperation from China, even if the subject is climate change.

Chinese negotiators sought at a climate conference in Lima, Peru, to delete provisions in a draft text that would have paved the way for other countries and non-governmental organisations to submit questions about its carbon-reduction plans, according to environmental groups that are official observers to the talks. The pledges will be included in a global deal to be sealed next year and that starts in 2020.

So, it’s okay for American environmentalists and the rest of the world to demand hard data from the United States – and our government provides that – but China gets to skate?  At a United Nations conference, too.  Other countries seem to believe in the illusion that UN controls anything at all.  Given that the subject is Climate Change, or Global Warming or Global Cooling, or blame anything other than the sun for the weather, the resistance doesn’t mean much, but it is entertaining.

According to the UN, all parties must agree to the same list of rules in order to call a treaty negotiated.  Not that this is any great surprise on the most ridiculous of issues, but China ain’t going to play ball and let any other country or entity play in its sandbox, even if they are one of the more egregious polluters of the planet.  Other primary polluters are calling for financial help to reduce their emissions.  So far, the United States has not caved at all on that score, but since we seem to be the only ones voluntarily complying with goals that are non-binding, what kind of suckers does that make us?

This conference is most likely going to be much ado about nothing.  Again.

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