UN and Obama Plot To Bypass U.S. Congress – Turn Agreement into Global Law


Christopher Horner, a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) warns that the Obama regime has some dirty tricks up their sleeves in partnership with the United Nations, with the legal chicanery already laid out in preparation.

The crimes will once again involve the usurpation of our Constitution and Congress by the dictatorial Obama regime and will be perpetrated as an expansion of the existing fraud of man-made global warming.

The plan is to pass what they will label a “politically binding” agreement to cut greenhouse gas emissions at the Paris UN climate change conference next year. Once they have that agreement in hand, the global government crowd plans to convert it into a legally binding document, thereby bypassing the American people and Congress and placing us in a position of subservience to the United Nations.

Obama and his globalist conspirators know that such an agreement has no chance of approval in the United States if presented in the form of a treaty. Instead, they plan to abuse the legal system to covertly put laws in place which violate the Constitution but which are never put to a vote before the people. Judges have proven there is no shortage of those willing to assume an activist role to advance a personal, favored or financially rewarding agenda.

Horner says that the “name and shame” campaign that has already been leaked establishes the baseline for lawsuits which would follow the tactic of sue-and-settle which has proven to be an effective method for the government to pursue an unpopular tact under the guise of a legal settlement. Often collusion exists between the plaintiff and the government, with the lawsuit being little more than a theatrical means to a predetermined, mutually sought, end.

As reported in CNS News, Horner said, “It’s quite clear under Article 2, Section 2 of the Constitution that after the president signs it, any binding international law agreement has to be ratified by the Senate.” He notes that in spite of that legal requirement, “activist green groups, in conjunction with the New York attorney general’s office, have already developed plans to use the federal courts to force Americans to drastically reduce their energy consumption whether or not Obama signs a new climate change treaty in Paris next year.”

Horner predicted such an assault on our sovereignty and our representative government in 2009 in a paper published by the Federalist Society. In that document Horner wrote, “It appears that Kyoto will be the subject of a controversial effort to sharply revise U.S. environmental treaty practice…. waiving the Constitution’s requirement of Senate ratification by reclassifying the product of talks as a congressional-Executive agreement, not a treaty.”

Even as recently as 2009, subversion of our U.S. Constitution by the stroke of a pen was a concept which most of us would have dismissed as political fiction. With the evolution of tyranny under Hussein Obama, that fantasy is now a very legitimate concern.

Horner said, ”You can’t just dismiss this if you know what they’re trying to do,” Horner has obtained, under a FOIA request, a court pleading by “environmentalists” which seeks a ruling that would require the federal government to honor international commitments even though they have not been ratified by the Senate.

In June, Yvo De Boer, the UN’s former climate chief said, “If the U.S. feels that ‘internationally legally binding’ has little value, and that the real value lies in legally-binding national commitments, then these regulations can be the way for the U.S. to show leadership.”

In the backwards world of the global government proponents, leadership means abandoning your sovereignty first.

Horner told CNSNews.com, “We know where this is going. As they intend, it will end up in the courts, not the Senate. The issue would come down to ‘How do you implement it?’ and that is where stunts like the NY AG’s come in. You get a court to turn these gestures into law and/or a friendly administration to roll over and get a court’s blessing by settling a ‘sue-and-settle’ case.”

Rick Wells is a conservative author who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. Please “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter or visit www.rickwells.us