U.S. Govt Charter Flights Have Been Dumping Illegals in Miami, Chicago and Newark Since 2012


A study conducted and the subsequent report generated by the University of Texas El Paso for the United States Federal Government has divulged some very interesting information that should be known to the American people.

The study was conducted almost a year ago in 2013, prior to the current blowup at the border but at a time when many of the today’s problems already existed at a reduced level. Even at last years volume, likely ten percent or less of the current levels, UTEP wrote, “the amount of staff and time costs dedicated to UAC transportation is vast.”

One item of particular interest, though there are many, involves the air travel arrangements and schedule for unaccompanied alien children (UAC). The UTEP report details a schedule of six weekly flights transporting illegal aliens every week, with a minimum of 200 outbound UACs per week at that time. Given the flood of people crashing our southern border, a figure ten times that amount would be a conservative estimate for present levels.

The HHS Office of Refugee and Resettlement (an apparent predetermination of their likelihood of remaining in the U.S.) operates flights to several hub cities that they use as they disburse the illegals into the American shadows.

ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) places the highest priority on UACs, but that removal process is not the removal from the United States, as one might expect, given the original nature of their agency. Under Obama and DHS’ Jeh Johnson, it is more of a removal from public view. Think of them as Democrat sleeper cells, ready to be called into action at the first opportunity to fraudulently vote for a socialist candidate.

The report states the ICE ERO officers conduct the transport on both regularly scheduled charter flights and buses. An entity called ICE AIR was created in June of 2012 to operate charter flights, the preferred method of transport of UACs for non-local disbursement. That is when the weekly charters for illegal dumping in Chicago, Miami and other cities began.

UTEP reported the travel schedule at that time in 2013 as being flights into El Paso on Mondays and Thursdays for what they describe as a reverse escort, less fortunate illegals who aren’t UACs and therefore aren’t immediately granted free rein to our country and the requisite social services.

On Tuesday of each week flights are made into Chicago and Miami. Chicago is also a Friday destination, with Newark receiving shipments of illegals on Wednesdays.

The flights are loaded to their fifty person capacity in order to make them as cost efficient as possible.

At the time of the report, in October of 2013, thirty Border Patrol officers were utilized in the care and transport of UACs per 24 hour period at a single filed office, with roughly 100 UACs being attended to per night. Those figures have obviously been pushed higher with today’s onslaught.

The report also lists what they describe as “challenges” for the Border Patrol but what they might consider to be someone else’s job or caretaking having nothing to do with securing our border, the job they signed up to perform.

Those challenges include verifying that the UACs are “fit for travel,” which includes the assigned duties of grocery shopping, food preparation, taking blankets to a laundry facility, transport to bathing or shower facilities, arranging for a change of clothes and jackets as needed and providing entertainment such as video tapes.

Of course, the changing of diapers and soiled clothing can’t be left off of the list of assigned duties either.

For law enforcement agents who signed up to protect their country from invasion, this type of rewarding and coddling those same perpetrators is surely a slap in the face for many. It’s easy to see why morale is low in an agency in which many patriotic Americans take their oath of office quite seriously.

The original report is available at this link. There will be another post following in the next few days based upon another portion of the report. Please watch for it.

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