Two Pro Amnesty Candidates Refuse To Sign No-Amnesty Pledge – They Can’t Hide Now


Alaska is a long way from the Mexican border but the open borders problem visits and inhabits every state. Wasted Federal tax dollars as well as increased employment competition, both from foreigners as well as economically displaced Americans impacts us all.

Two Republican Senate candidates seeking to unseat Democrat Mark Begich failed a litmus test during a debate this past Sunday. One of the three participants, conservative Joe Miller, asked his opponents to join him in signing a pledge against illegal alien amnesty.

The document read, “I will oppose any attempt by Congress or the President to grant amnesty (any pathway to citizenship) for illegal aliens.”

It’s a straightforward declaration and a refusal to sign it is a fairly clear indication of a support for some sort of amnesty as well as potential ownership by the deep-pocketed donors and puppet masters who finance their campaigns.

One of those who refused to sign, former Alaska Attorney General Dan Sullivan, is supported by Karl Rove and other big money pro-amnesty forces. The other, Lt. Gov Mead Treadwell, also supports a preferential “pathway to citizenship” for illegal lawbreaker that is different from obeying immigration laws and following the systems now in place.

The primary takes place August 19th, and Miller is making his opposition to illegal alien amnesty crystal clear. Equally important to his campaign, he has now made the positions of his opponents public knowledge as well.

In 2010, Miller garnered the state GOP Senate nomination over the establishment Republican candidate Sen Lisa Murkowski.  She opted to run as a big-money write-in candidate and was able to defeat Miller in the general election.

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